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Baby & Kids Summer Sandals - Maggie in Leopard

Baby & Kids Summer Sandals - Maggie in Leopard

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Our Baby, Toddler & Kids Girl Sandals are thoughtfully designed to support children who are taking their first steps or have already become little runners. These lightweight sandals offer excellent protection from external elements without compromising the natural development of your child's senses through their growing feet.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Soft Rubber Sole: Our sandals feature a lightweight, soft rubber sole that strikes the perfect balance between protection and sensory development. They ensure your toddler's first shoes are neither heavy nor uncomfortable for their developing feet.

  • Leather Inside, Rubber Outside: The soft sole consists of a comfortable leather interior and a non-slip, durable rubber exterior. This combination offers protection, lightness, and comfort, ensuring your child's feet are well-cared for.

  • Perfect for All Stages: Whether your little one is taking those first tentative steps or has already become an enthusiastic runner, our soft sole sandals are a versatile and supportive choice.

Baby & Toddler Shoe Sizes:

  • Size 2 (Age Guide: 0-6 months) - 11cm
  • Size 3 (Age Guide: 6-12 months) - 11.8cm
  • Size 4 (Age Guide: 12-18 months) - 12.4cm
  • Size 5 (Age Guide: 18-24 months) - 13.4cm

Toddler & Children’s Shoe sizes (hard soles)

Size 5 

Size 6

Size 7

Size 8


Explore Our Full Range: Maggie Sandal

If you love our Maggie Sandal, don't miss the opportunity to explore our full range of stylish and comfortable footwear options for your little one.

Variety of Colors:

Choose from an array of delightful colors to suit your child's style and wardrobe, including Blush, Sky Blue, Mustard, Salmon, Rose Gold, and White.

At Sadie Baby, we're dedicated to providing quality and comfort for your child's precious feet. Our Baby, Toddler & Kids Girl Sandals offer the perfect blend of support, protection, and style, ensuring that your child takes each step with confidence and comfort.

Elevate your child's footwear experience with our soft sole sandals. Order now and let your child embark on a journey of comfortable and supported adventures.


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