Baby Shoes

Welcome to our Baby & Toddler shoes. Sizing is available from size 2 to 12. Our shoes are ideal for developing feet. All three of my girls started wearing around 9 months this is when I found that there feet where big enough to fit and also is roughly when they started to show signs of walking (I have seen shoes worn earlier but our girls feet are only very little). The soft sole shoes are protective from outside elements and provide cushioning for feet. They feature a suede & spilt rubber outer sole and two layers on the inside. The soft sole design is ideal for baby, new walkers and developed walkers, the soft yet durable sole is light weight and doesn't hinder or disturb the nature sense development occurring in developing feet. Our shoes are made from high quality leather or PVC for our Jelly Sandals. We have an assortment of colors and our base range consist of White, Beige & Tan.