Dream Big Little One:

Dear Friend... It was me and Clay and my bump of a baby.  I was 33 weeks pregnant.  I had just finished my ultrasound and was waiting for the doctor to come back into the room.  Clay was watching the old school Mickey Mouse episodes on my phone.  You know, the ones that have some adult humor and aren't sooo PC.  The ones where I find myself giggling too.  Where Donald is extremely grumpy and Mickey Mouse talks in an even higher pitch.  And then the doctor walked in.  And I knew I was getting bad news by the way he walked...

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Floyd-Henry Morley

Where it all began I have decided to tell the story of how we came to know about Floyds’ diagnosis. I now look back and I’m almost ashamed that I felt this way. This is not intended to offend anyone it is just how we felt at the very beginning and is the truth about our emotions, laid out in the raw. What a beautiful little angel we have who is healthy and happy and the light of our lives.  It was so easy for us to pretend that the doctors may have been wrong, because for 5 months our little...

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Learning about Leo

A part of the reason that I started this blog two months ago was to inform friends and family of Leo’s diagnosis. I couldn’t bear the thought of having to tell each and every person and reliving the experience over and over. It was painful and would often result in tears. A blog seemed like a good way to share our story and have everyone made aware of our situation before they met Leo for the first time. Along the way we have attracted some loyal Leo lovers (I just came up with that then and I kinda like it!)....

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