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girls shoes


Once upon a time I dreamed of having seven children! (I watched way to much Seventh Heaven growing up).

Each shoe is designed and named with so much love and there is always alitte story. I am one of those people who likes to tie everything back together. 

So our business was inspired after Sadie, we introduced our classic leather t-bars as our first externally handmade produced shoe, we then introduced Maggie, cute & oh so sweet. Followed by London which has sense been discontinued (inspired by our first name choice for our Maggie).

We then meet Lily (a name I had always loved), Alex followed - Alex was one of my favorite girl names however my husband had a son called Axel so that ruled that name out. 

We then meet Saffy inspired by my cousins daughter who always had the sweetest platted ponytails. 

Emma this little design is yet to be produced but we have received so much love for it and we can't wait to add it to our Summer Collection 2022. Emma was such a sweet and simple name I thought fitting for this design. 

And our most recently leather love is our Daphne inspired and named after our last little girl. 

 Then we have our Jelly Sandals! Inspired by my love my collection of Jelly Sandals as a little girl. I wanted something fun, easy to wear day in day out. So we introduced our Jelly in White & Pink, more coming 2022.