How to buy online

Without a doubt I love shopping online, the ease of searching for something, having it appear before my eyes on my phone, then on my door step with just a few clicks.... #amazing! But, that doesn't mean its always simply and easy, nor that I have made the best choices. After leaning this, there are three simple steps I take before buying online. 

1. Facebook page, reviews. I love seeing what other customers have to say about the companies they buy from. They don't have to have a five star rating, but this is an excellent way of seeing what other customers might think.  

2. Ask.... I love hearing from you guys, and any business owner will too. If you are unsure about size, shipping time etc I can help, just ask. This allows us the opportunity to connect with our customers, become aware of questions or gaps that might need to be answered and it can also give us inspiration for something new!

3. Buying! One of my best recommendations is try. If you think to yourself 'I want it all' stop, just try one thing first. Buy one item - check the quality, make sure it works for you, and hey if it does, go back again. Second time round, free shipping over a $ value, well spend it. 

I hope these helpful little hints help with you're future online shopping. 

Layla is almost one and currently her foot length is 11cm long. Layla wears our size AU 3 (6-12 months).  Which is the perfect size for her foot length, a little room to grow without being too small or big. The leather is so soft, so it doesn't rub or mark her little toes or feet, even without socks or tights. The little buckle makes it easy to slide her foot in and out. 

Featured business:

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