Go natural be simple

Go natural be simple

At the end of the last year, I snooped my sister-in-laws book shelf, looking for inspiration and something new to read. I found two books which caught my attention and I enjoyed reading, Slow living by Brooke McAlary(loved this book, so easy to read and #mumsinpiration #gettingorganised)  and Low Tox Life by Alexx Stuart. 

There is a lot in the Low Tox Life book and I might be completely behind the times, but if you read my goals for 2019 it was to be a 'better recycler' this was my inspiration. I have slowly when the occasion has arisen made active changes to my life, and when the girls body wash started to finish I really wanted to find something as natural as possible & supportive of Australian based business. No Nasties, is Sunshine Coast owned, with the slick kids range being made from Native Australian extracts & made in New Zealand. I am so very excited to add this range to our collection, and I hope you love it as much as I the girls have. 

We have been using the Hair & Body Wash, which smells amazing! We use the detangler after every wash (which has even mentioned to keep the nots out during a swim in the pool) the bio-degradable Tail Comb, which has been perfect addition to help with pulling Sadie's hair up (particular for Ballet) and the slick kids hair gel, which is a light hold perfect for baby hair & fly aways. 


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