Emma Sandal

Emma Sandal

Emma Sandals, Colour Socks & New Sunglass release. 

Our Emma Sandal is our transitional shoe. I always find our Winter months are cold and can be gone quickly. Little feet grow unexpectedly and when they do our Emma Sandal is ideal shoe. Designed to see out the last weeks or month of winter when your little one outgrows her winter boots but not sure another winter boot is right. Buy our Emma Sandals in a size up, pair with our socks & complete the look. Once winter is over your little ones feet will have grown where the socks helped for the room. 

girls cut out sandals

Our Emma Release is included in White, Brown & Gold Leather in a cut out design, soft rubber soles for our size 2,3,4 & 5, and a flexible sole in our hard rubber sizes 5,6,7,8 & 9. 

Our colourful socks come in White, Purple, Beige, Green, Golden & Orange. 

kids socks

Our Emma Sandals can be paired with a number of different outfits, however we choose some of our favourites for the photo shoot. 

girls kids sandals 

girls white sandals

Our White Sandals paired with White socks & Cream Sunglasses. Paired with the most stunning Yellow Gingham Dress from Lacey Lane. 

girls sandals


girls gold sandals size 8

Maggie is four and she wears a size 8 Gold Emma Sandals with Purple socks & Purple Round Sunglasses.

girls brown sandals

girls brown sandals

Sadie is wearing our Brown Sandals size 8. With Angel Eye t-shirt & Joy Skort from Lacey Lane. 

girls brown sandals

girls brown sandals

Daphne wears our Brown Sandals with Pink Socks & Flower Sunglasses. If you are looking for some amazing Australian Handmade Clothing you must see Milk Threads - I am obsessed with the flares and they are highest quality made product around. I recently just passed on Daphne's flare collection from last year (worn non-stop and still in excellent condition). 

girls white sandals

girls white sandals

Maggie wears our White Sandals in size 8 paired with our orange socks & pink flower sunglasses. Top from Ruby & Owl (Australian handmade - again amazing quality this items last) & Milk Threads flares again (but in Daphne's size 1 so they where third length flares). 

girls gold sandals

Sadie is wearing our Gold Emma Sandals size 8, Flower Sunglasses & Lacey Lane dress. 

kids round sunglasses


shell sunglasses

Round Sunglasses available in Purple, Green, Burnt Orange, Cream, Blush & Leopard Round Sunglasses. 

Shell Sunglasses available in Clear Beige Sunglasses, Beige Sunglasses, Pink Sunglasses & Clear Pink Sunglasses


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