The benefits of soft sole shoes

When should little one start wearing shoes? 

 Both my Sadie & Maggie were early walkers. Sadie started walking at 11 months and Maggie started at 9.5 months. I started putting Maggie in shoes when we went out and also sometimes at home around 9 months, when we she started to show signs of looking to walk (more then Sadie, as we started Sadie Baby cause I couldn't find shoes). The purpose of starting about two weeks prior to her walking is really to get her use to wearing shoes. I often have a lot of people say they can't get there little one to wear shoes, I found that putting light weight shoes on early which do not hinder or restrict helps. 

Most children begin to walk anywhere between 8 and 18 months of age.

A little one learning to walk receives important sensory information from the soles of their feet touching the ground. Footwear helps to protect their feet from injury and from the heat and the cold. 

So what are the benefits of soft soles?

Soft sole shoes are unique as they allow your child to extend their toes and grip the floor as if they were walking barefoot. Soft sole shoes can also help improve their balance and coordination as they grow.
As little feet develop, they require a full range of motion, to allow there muscles and tendons to stretch, strength and grow. Soft soles allow children to move the way there body was intended, while still providing adequate protection 
Both my daughters are only little, Sadie has grown three shoe sizes over 18 months, her shoes get good wear and longitivtiy (I have even passed them down to Maggie). We wear our shoes to the park, shops, scooter ridding if we are out we wear them. 


We stock a range of soft soles, our current Maggie & London collection feature a suede bottom sole, Eleanor & Classic leather t-bars are a soft flexible rubber sole. We suggest you wear our soft soles through to our hard sole collection, which starts at size five for our t-bar in nude & rose gold & size six in our other shoes. 

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