The benefits of sole sole shoes

When should little one start wearing shoes? 

Both my Sadie & Maggie were early walkers. Sadie started walking at 11 months and Maggie started at 9.5 months. The main purpose behind starting Sadie Baby was our need to find little shoes, for little feet. Sadie was 11 months when she started walking, her little feet was the was the reason behind starting Sadie Baby. Sadies feet where so small we started making linen, cotton and cotton duck canvas shoes to fit. It wasn't until Sadie was almost two that her feet where able to fit into the smallest leather shoe, a size 2. 

Maggie was an abled walker, and once she got on those feet there was no stopping her! Maggie started to walk around 9 months, and she begun to fit our smallest size 2 around this time. At home we always keep her feet bare, but going out little feet need protection that is why the soft soles are ideal.  

But my little one won't wear shoes!

I often have a lot of people say they can't get there little one to wear shoes,often they have started by putting hard sole or heavier shoes on there feet, which majority of time little ones don't like. Our shoes are lightweight the do not hender or obstruct from nature movement or feet sensories.

Mum tip: I found that putting light weight shoes on early prior to walking be it when you go out for coffee or visit a friend helps little feet to adjust and you will find in time that it becomes routine and your little one will love putting her 'shoes' on. Just like Mummy. 

What about wet weather? 

Our enclosed shoes are water proof, (not flood proof) the feature suede or soft rubber outside sole, with light padding on the inside and are fully lined. Check out our T-bar or Mary jane style shoes. 

So what are the benefits of soft soles?

Soft sole shoes are unique as they allow your child to extend their toes and grip the floor as if they were walking barefoot. Soft sole shoes can also help improve their balance and coordination as they grow.
As little feet develop, they require a full range of motion, to allow there muscles and tendons to stretch, strength and grow. Soft soles allow children to move the way there body was intended, while still providing adequate protection. 

How long should my child wear soft soles? 

Both my daughters are only little pint size pocket rockets, if you have read our about us you will know Sadie has a rare form of dwarfism. Maggie is of average height but takes after her mum's gene's and is petite. I would recommend you have your little one in soft soles for as long as possiable. I do always have 'park shoes' for rough play outside, these do consist of a hard more structed sole. (Not yet available at Sadie Baby). However when we are shopping, coffee, spending time wtih friends we are in our soft soles, my girls will wear soft soles until they move up to the hard sole range. Sadie has only just moved up to a size 5, which was the reason behind the new hard sole size range. At four Sadie is now eager for the hard soles. Maggie now 18 months is still wearing our size 4, but will be moving to a size 5 soon, I plan to keep her in our soft soles until size 6, as her feet are still developing. Our soft soles are extremely durable, Sadie & Maggie both get extensive wear, Sadies has used her soft soles and breaks on her scooter and these shoes have been passed down to Maggie. 

I recommend soft soles for as along as possiable, for the best development opportunity for your little ones feet. 

When should my little one start wearing hard soles? 

My recommendation is that once your little one moves in the hard sole range, its time. However as mentioned above it is best for soft soles for as long as possiable. 

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