Sole of shoes

Meet our soles. We have three types of soles in our range: 

All soles provide protection from water & outside elements, the biggest key is the weight of the sole and the ability for your little one's senses to develop within there feet. The feet are one of the most sensory-rich parts of the human body. The soles of the feet are extremely sensitive to touch, and there are large concentrations of proprioceptors (this is the awareness of position) in the joints and muscles of the feet. In fact, the feet alone have as many proprioceptors as the entire spinal column!

Barefoot is the best way to help grow these proprioceptors within our children, barefoot encourages a great platform for the development of higher brain centers responsible for emotional control, problem solving, language, social skills, and self-assurance.

However of course we need to protect our little one's feet during times when natural barefoot isn't optional, and during this time our soft sole range of shoes & sandals are ideal to still nature the proprioceptor development without restriction. 

Our soft sole range is from size 2 to 5 & our flexible rubber sole starts at size 5 to 12.