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Toddler sandals made from high quality non-toxic leather which will protect toddler feet from outside elements without hindering the natural foot development required for growing feet and developing toddlers.

Our sandals are designed to help baby and toddlers that are learning to walk or are established runners. The light-weight soft rubber sole provides excellent protection from outside elements without hindering or effecting the sense’s developing on there feet. The light weight sandals also ensure that your toddler won’t find her first shoes heavy or uncomfortable on her developing feet. The soft sole is made with leather sole on the inside and rubber sole on the outside. The rubber sole is non-slip durable rubber which provide protection but are light weight for development, sense and comfort of developing feet. Whether your little one has just started walking or is an established runner our soft sole sandals.

Toddlers benefit from wearing light weight soft sole sandals as there feet are growing and developing. Baby and toddlers have developing sense on the bottom of there feet . Soft sole sandals also help with the natural balance development. The sandals are light weight therefore they do not effect the balancing receptors.

Baby & Toddler shoe size

  • Size 2 (age guide 0-6 months) - 11cm
  • Size 3 (age guide 6-12 months) - 11.8cm
  • Size 4 (age guide 12-18 months) - 12.4cm
  • Size 5 (age guide 18-24 months) - 13.4cm


Blush, Sky Blue, Mustard, Salmon & White



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