Our baby collection consists of our smallest shoes, starting in size 2 and going to size 5. You can read more about our sizing conversion at our Shoe Size Guide. If you have any questions about sizing or how best to find the perfect fit you can email directly at

Our soft sole shoes are not only ideal for little feet they are excellent for growing toddlers to little walkers or all out runners. Providing protection from outside elements without hindering the development of little feet. We beleive in strongly in the benefits of soft soles, both our girls have worn our soft soles from the time they started walking at 11 months & 9.5 months and at 4 & 2 years wear our soft soles. 

Our baby collection also includes our must have flower sunglasses in pink, white & coral. Our range of clips from Josie Joan & Evie and the beads, our natural body products, socks & tutus.  



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